Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!


Language Arts

 Students will experience a balanced literacy program this year.  They will learn about themselves as a reader and find books that are “just right” for independent reading.  They will also experience read-alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and literature circles.  Students will learn the importance of reading fluently as well as how to read a non-fiction text.  Lastly, students will learn how to be an active reader and utilize a variety of strategies to help them deeply understand the text they are reading.



Skills taught will be place value, fractions, decimals, rounding, computation, measurement, geometry, and probability. Many of our tasks will involve problem solving and real life situations. Math often requires practice and drills to retain steps and facts. 


Units covered in 5th grade:

  • Classification and the 5 Kingdoms

  • Force and Motion

  • Rocks and Minerals/ Earth

  • Oceans

  • Matter

  • Sound and Light

  • Electricity


Social Studies

Students will be learning about United States history up to the Civil War.  We will utilize a variety of learning experiences, the Social Studies textbook as well as various non-fiction texts to explore the history of our nation.  We will also complete collaborative projects in school.


Mrs. King

Mrs. Lynch

Mrs. Nimmo