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Fourth Grade


Mrs. Edwards

Mrs. Chauvin

Mrs. Gauck





West 4th Grade Teachers

Fourth grade classes are heterogeneously grouped and are assigned to three classrooms. Mrs. Edwards teaches Social Studies, Mrs. Chauvin teaches Math, Mrs. Gauck teaches Science and Word Study. Each teacher teaches Language Arts to her homeroom class.

All three teachers work together closely regarding all children, sharing classroom observations and parent-teacher conferences. Grade level meetings are held weekly, providing opportunities to discuss current issues, ideas, and concerns.

The fourth grade core curriculum includes Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Physical Education, Music, Art, Guidance, and Library classes are conducted during the activity block each day. State and local SOL’s provide the mainframe for all instructional planning.

Classroom instruction involves whole group and cooperative learning strategies. Small instructional groups are frequently formed as needed for the best interest of each child.

Assessment is an on-going process and classwork is sent home daily to be reviewed by parents.

The fourth grade teachers incorporate technology frequently with computer carts and a computer lab.

The fourth grade program encourages independence, both in academics and life skills.