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Fifth Grade


Mrs. Basham

Mrs. DiFusco-Funk

Mrs. Nimmo

Mrs. Sutherland






Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Language Arts

  • Reading – Students will experience a balanced literacy program this year.  They will learn about themselves as a reader and find books that are “just right” for independent reading.  They will also experience read alouds, shared reading, guided reading, and literature circles.  Students will learn the importance of reading fluently as well as how to read a non-fiction text.  Lastly, students will learn how to be an active reader and utilize a variety of strategies to help them deeply understand the text they are reading.
  • Writing– Students will participate in Writers’ Workshop where we will focus on the six main traits of writing: organization, ideas, conventions, word choice, fluency, and voice. They will learn how to navigate the writing process independently and see how their work can grow over time.
  • English– Students will learn a broad variety of grammar rules through direct instruction and proofreading their writing and the writing of others.


We will continue to use the enVision math program.  Students will also have access to the online tool First in Math as they did last year.  It is critical that students utilize this resource as much as possible after school hours.  Mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts is essential and students will be expected to complete all homework.


Units covered in 5th grade:

5 Kingdoms
Rocks and Minerals
Sound and Light

Grades come from homework/classwork, class projects and tests.  Tests come from notes and study guides.

Social Studies

Students will be learning about United States history up to the Civil War.  We will utilize a variety of learning experiences, the Social Studies textbook as well as various non-fiction texts to explore the history of our nation.  We will also complete collaborative projects in school.


We will visit the computer lab and utilize the laptop cart in our classroom for various purposes throughout the school year especially for Google docs for drafting in writing.  The Smart Board and document camera will be used often throughout the school day.

SOL Testing

May – Math, Science, and Reading

We are NO LONGER tested in Writing and Social Studies


5th Grade Activities

  • VMI/NEW MARKET –spring
    • Andrew Lewis  – spring
    • Career Fair – fall
    • Spelling Bee in January
    • Junior Achievement
    • Talent Show – February
    • Beach Party  – February
    • DARE Picnic – June (must complete an essay in order to attend)
    • Fifth Grade Graduation – June

Responsibilities of a 5th Grader

Homework – School Board recommends 1 hour 5 nights a week, which includes written work and reviewing for

tests.  Please check your child’s planners daily, and let your child clean out their HW binders each night.

Absences– If your child is absent, we are happy to send home make-up work so he/she doesn’t have so much to do when returning to school.  Please call the school by 9 A.M. and let us know if you are requesting the assignments.  They will be in the office by 2:30.

Birthdays– You are welcome to bring in snacks to celebrate your child’s birthday. Snacks need to be dropped off at the office.  They must be individual items that can be easily passed out.  Please email, call, or have your child let me know you plan to do this at least by the day before.

Technology- Students who bring cell phones to school must have them turned off, and in their backpacks for the day.  Other technology items including iPods, iPads, etc. are not allowed in school due to school policy.  Only resources used for educational purposes may be brought if a technology release form has been signed.